OtterBox Deck the Calls Contest • Concours OtterBox Décorez vos appels!

Version français ci-dessous ‘Tis the season to be WINNING! OtterBox & Cesium invite you to participate in the DECK THE CALLS Contest! How to Enter Stock up on as many OtterBox products as you can from Cesium between October 1st and December 31st, 2023. Accounts that achieve Top Sales or Top Growth (compared to OtterBox sales of Q4 2022) will […]

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Phillip McKeen on

The Sound of Sudio

Capturing the crisp and authentic clarity of live audio is not easy and is only properly appreciated by those who’ve tried it. The placement and security of the mics, the acoustics of the room, the sophistication of the equipment…  so much goes into capturing that perfect, studio sound. But what do you do with that […]

Phillip McKeen on

Poly | Tools of the Interconnected Hybrid Worker

Strong communication between stakeholders is the foundation of success in any business, wherever it takes place. The hybrid worker’s toolkit must then include accessories that maintain this kind of strength, wherever the office ends up being. Cafes, public libraries, village squares… planes, trains, rickshaws… like every good secret home office agent, I’ve learned to assemble […]