Earth Day Every Day: How Brands Commit to Sustainable Practices Year-Round

…Or is it? To no one’s surprise, sustainable practices have become commonplace across the telecom industry. These days, adding just one recyclable product or lineup to your selection and calling your business “eco-friendly” simply won’t cut it. Sustainability is a complete mindset shift that brands have to choose to embrace day after day. Over the […]

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Phillip McKeen on

JBuds Mini – Sound of the Titans

Audio tech is about moving sound from one place to another. It’s that simple. Music, conversation, calming sounds of obscure corners of wilderness – great audio technology brings the sounds of the wider world right to you, without missing a beat on quality. Wireless audio goes a step beyond this bold ambition though; great wireless […]

Cesium Marketing on

Cesium Becomes an Authorized Distributor of Mobile Outfitters

Cesium is thrilled to announce it is now an Authorized Distributor of Mobile Outfitters, allowing us to bring its award-winning and patented products to B2B customers across Canada. Pioneering a New Standard in On-Demand Screen Protection Driven by their commitment to simplicity, quality, and support, Mobile Outfitters has redefined the landscape of on-demand screen protection. […]