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The latest from Nimbus9 for the iPhone 11 Series

It is not news that smartphone devices have become an integral part of our everyday lives. We have come to rely on them not only as a source of communication and information but as a vital assistant in our routine operations, such as navigating the roads or listening to music. That’s why most users choose to invest in complementary accessories such as phone cases and mounting kits; to ensure that their most essential tool is as well-protected and user-friendly as possible. 

That being said, not all phone accessories are built the same. With the recent arrival of Apple’s iPhone 11 series, Nimbus9 has launched a brand new corresponding lineup of highly stylish and sturdy smartphone accessories, now available at Cesium. All Nimbus9 products are Military Standard drop-tested, have wireless charging compatibility and a lifetime warranty. What’s more, every purchase is matched by one meal donated to an orphan in need through their partnership with Hero’s Heart.

Nimbus9 Ghost 2 Pro

Entirely new to the Cesium portfolio is the Nimbus9 Ghost 2 Pro — unique in its offering, it’s a package that includes a phone case as well as a car mount, all in one bundle so that users can conveniently interact with their phones while driving with maximum attention. With high-quality shock-absorbent TPU, the case is built for long-lasting protection and comes with an integrated mounting system and two outer shields of different colours that can be easily alternated. 

Available colours for the complete iPhone 11 series Black/Crimson and Gold/Blue. MSRP $69.99. 

Cirrus 2

The Nimbus9 Cirrus 2 offers dual-layer protection with an impact-resistant outer shell and shock-absorbing inner layer. It also has an integrated mounting system that can be used on daily commutes, putting road safety first. 

Available colours for the entire iPhone 11 series are Black, Gun Metal Gray, Midnight Blue, and Rose Gold. MSRP $34.95.

Phantom 2

Finally, the Nimbus9 Phantom 2 offers the perfect synergy of strength and aesthetics, with an innovative 3D Hexa Pattern texture that provides optimal shock suspension and flawlessly encases the device for a mesmerizing appearance. It’s superior protection without the bulk, allowing for a seamless user experience so you’ll never want to take it off. 

Available colours for the entire iPhone 11 series are Carbon, Clear, Flamingo, and Pacific Blue. MSRP $39.95.