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JLab – The Work from Anywhere Lineup

Both magnificent and commonplace, computing accessories are as important as the devices they enable. When it comes to things we may use for 6-10 hours a day, the last thing you want is buyer’s remorse due to suboptimal quality. For durable purchases that can last years, you can open the wallet a little wider, if you have to.…  but with Cesium Telecom, you don’t have to. Mobility, functionality, and affordability are scalable with their JLAB work from home (WFH) lineup. You may be impartial to keyboards, and yet especially astute regarding the mice you use. Perhaps you don’t employ microphones but show profound erudition with webcams.

Whatever your needs, build your office, anywhere, with the following lineup.

Wireless Keyboards

For the mobile, ergonomically conscious type-smith, JLAB has three wireless options – the GO Wireless, the JBUDS, and the EPIC Keyboards. In fact, these names are part of a theme that runs through the WFH lineup. The fiscally and spatially lean GO Wireless Keyboard has Seventy-eight keys and four months of power riding on just two AAA batteries. For the hybrid backpacker needing a keyboard that fits neatly into carry-ons, it’s the clear choice at $29 CAD.

For the professional reaching for that balance between mobility and functionality, the JBUDS Keyboard gives your fingertips a few more options, with 95 keys and app customization. If you’re big on sustainable typing, enjoy 10 months of power, with rechargeable 800mAh batteries. All for $59 CAD, this board is still compact and ready to travel anywhere with you.

The EPIC Keyboard option is just as wireless as the GO and JBuds but with all the promise of a full keyboard. With 108 keys on two years of power, along with rechargeable 2000mAh batteries… it’s the kind of functional energy security dreams are made of. Also with app customization, this board comes in at $99 CAD.

Wireless Mice

As with keyboards, so with mice. From the GO Mouse and GO Charge, to the JBUDS and EPIC mice, there’s a fit for every hand. The GO Mouse ($19.99 CAD) and GO Charge ($29.99 CAD) have similar features – and as the names suggest, they are built for mobility. The biggest difference aside from price is in their power sources. The GO Mouse uses one AA battery and gives you a half year of power until replacement. That’s like a lifetime in mouse years. The GO Charge, on the other hand, although only giving you four-plus months of power on a charge, comes with a rechargeable USB. Bringing you mouse eternity. 

For a mouse with some deeper contours, the JBUDS Mouse ($29.99 CAD) comes with 7 buttons, a rechargeable USB power source, and 4 plus months on a charge. If you want to get even more ergonomic and match your mouse with your EPIC keyboard, the fully remote EPIC Mouse ($79.99 CAD) also comes with a rechargeable USB, 6+ months of power on one charge, and 9 buttons. You’ll almost need two hands.


Standalone microphones are perhaps a little more niche. Again, it just depends. Podcasting, singing, video calling distant relatives… regardless of the stakes or the style, you need to decide how clear you want to sound. And JLAB lets you.

The GO Talk has 2 recording options (Cardioid and Omni), and 96k sampling rate/ 24-bit rate. At $69.99 CAD, this has all you need to record and call on the go. The JBUDS Talk has 2 more recording options (Stereo, and Bi-directional, along with Cardioid and Omni), and 96k sampling rate/ 24-bit rate, but for another $60, arriving at $129.99 CAD. The EPIC Talk is for the professional content creator looking to capture their perfect sound. It has 4 recording options (Cardioid, Omni, Stereo, and Bi-directional), just like the JBuds, but a 192k sampling rate/ 24-bit rate. For a purchase that could last years, your perfect sound is priceless at $199.99 CAD.


Most laptops have webcams, but if you’re remote calling friends, family, and colleagues every day, you want to look as clear as you sound. Maintain your picture without sacrificing mobility with the GO Cam. At 1080p HD resolution, 2.1 Megapixels, and 75-degree fixed focus, your best shots will be captured for just $59.99 CAD.

The JBUDS Cam also brings 1080p resolution, 2.1 Megapixels, with the differences being in the 93-degree autofocus and black or white removable faceplate. The extra bit of functionality comes in just as clear for only 20 dollars more, at $79.99 CAD.

But that next-level sound needs a next-level view. The EPIC Cam has 2k resolution, 5 Megapixels, 90-degree auto focus, and a black and white removable faceplate. It also comes with h15 exposure options. This professional-level picture is only another 50 dollars at $129.99 CAD.

Wireless headsets

You’ve got wireless keyboards and mice, why not have wireless headphones? Headphones and mice are especially convenient without the encumbering cords so characteristic of classic computing. Considering just the GO Work and the JBUDS Work, the biggest differences are in the charge, stamina, and fit. The GO Work rests against the ears, while the JBUDS Work fit over, and have an additional 15-plus hours on a charge. For the multi-office professional working in cafes, airports, and the park, perhaps that extra bit of stamina and sound cancellation is important. Either way, you have to love the options.

Remote is Wherever

And that’s the beauty of this WFH lineup. For dependable office gear that can last years, you can customize your level of mobility and functionality without sacrificing the quality of the sound, the image, or the ergonomics. And even though home is where the heart is, maybe it’s not where you want your office to be. Visit Cesium today for the full JLAB WFH lineup and build your office anywhere.