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JBuds Mini – Sound of the Titans

Audio tech is about moving sound from one place to another. It’s that simple. Music, conversation, calming sounds of obscure corners of wilderness – great audio technology brings the sounds of the wider world right to you, without missing a beat on quality. Wireless audio goes a step beyond this bold ambition though; great wireless audio brings the best sounds with you, wherever you go, without getting in your way.

JBuds Mini from JLab, now available through Cesium, show us that the key to great audio finally fits on a chain, which also fits in your pocket; and at an MSRP of just $59.99 CAD, it fits in your wallet too. Meet earbuds so fittingly discrete, people will swear your phone calls were mere bouts of self-dialogue; and with no earbud protrusion, you can comfortably rest your head on your side while watching a movie on your phone, knowing that you finally got more with less. These tiny titans have a 30% smaller earbud and 50% smaller case than JLAB’s previous smallest earbud, GO Air Pop.

But it’s not all about size; it’s about flexibility too. Available in black, pink, and mint, pick your colour and transition seamlessly between audio on your laptop and calls on your mobile with Bluetooth Multipoint, a technology that allows you to connect to multiple devices at once. And depending on how far you’re moving, just stay within 30 feet of your phone, and you’ll always feel like you’re right there, wherever the sound is.

Long morning walks in the rain, or evening jaunts on a sandy beach – this winner of Best of IFA 2023 Award is also built to last with IP55 water and dust resistance. And with 5.5 hours of playtime in each earbud, and a total 20 hours with the USB-C charging case, you can enjoy hours of your favorite podcasts, music, and obscure film without thinking about outlets or electricity.

As with most things, there is a time and place for both ends of the spectrum. Some Saturday nights are best spent in a living room with dad’s record player, and headphones of comparable size. But for the mobile traveller, the exerciser, hiker, runner, wrangler, or otherwise wired, intrepid adventurer, the wireless JBuds Mini brings a kind of sound that stays with you. Wherever you go.

Check out Cesium today to find your perfect fit.