Capturing the crisp and authentic clarity of live audio is not easy and is only properly appreciated by those who’ve tried it. The placement and security of the mics, the acoustics of the room, the sophistication of the equipment…  so much goes into capturing that perfect, studio sound.

But what do you do with that sound once you’ve captured it? Sudio, a sleek audio brand based in Sweden, brings the sound where it needs to go, without forgetting where it was made. Equipped with a deep passion for music and tech, Sudio has embraced its Scandinavian roots by combining a fashion-forward design with high-quality sound and wrapped it in eco-friendly packaging. Cesium now hosts their state-of-the-art line of fashion & lifestyle headphones, wireless earbuds, and speakers.


What if you don’t want to just hear your music; you need to feel it in your bones? Bring a whole new level of meaning to that phrase with the Sudio B1 headphones. With a lightweight and minimalist design that rests outside the ear canal, the open-ear, bone conduction technology transmits the headphone sound directly through bone, ensuring that you don’t miss the lower subtleties of your favorite music as you navigate your surrounding environment. Lose yourself in your sound without losing touch with the world around you – for the public traveller and bass aficionado alike, Sudio brings you the avante garde of this technology at an MSRP of $99.99 per set. Currently available at Cesium in Black and White.

Wireless Earbuds

Maybe you want a more immersive flow of sound? Cesium also hosts wireless earbuds from Sudio that are perfect for any type of lifestyle. Try the Sudio A1, The No-Fuss Earbuds that are water-resistant and pack up to 6-7 hours of playtime. At an MSRP of $49.99, you can’t go wrong with this audio expedition, especially with 4 fashionable colours that make you wish they were sounds – Midnight Black, Snow White, Sienna, & Blue.

Get louder without turning up the volume with the Active Noise Cancelling (ANC) Sudio A2, The Everyday Earphone. Also, with 6-7 hours of playtime, and noted for its vocal clarity – it’s the perfect way to make a statement for the traveller, the business pro, and the pro-voice, anti-texter alike. And if our voices carried better underwater, or if your customers are ready to sweat it out in the summer heat – water-resistant technology pushes these buds to a strong buy at an MSRP of only $69.99. Currently available in Black, White, and Pink.

Find your next audio go-to with the aptly named, Sudio N2, The Go-to Earbuds. Up to 6 hours of playtime, wireless charging, and water resistance, you can have it all for an MSRP of $79.99 in Black, White, Pink, or Purple.

Still want more? Perhaps you do want the sound plugged right into your ear? Step up to the Sudio N2 Pro and finally get it all in one. Whereas the N2 are open-ear buds, the N2 Pro fits snugly and securely right into your ear. Also equipped with ANC, wireless charging capabilities, water resistance, and 6 hours of playtime, get it in Black or White for an MSRP of $99.99.


You may always want your sound big, but sometimes you want to travel light. Sudio brings you the Sudio F2, Small Speaker, Big Sound. This compact portable speaker combines the sound of a home studio and the mobility of a 90s boom box to form a shower-ready, water-resistant Rubik’s cube of volume. Wander with the volume to whatever sound you want – with 15 hours of play time, you can get lost in your sound without losing power. The Sudio F2 also includes a Broadcast function that allows you to connect up to 100 F2’s together for a sound that is as surrounding as it is mobile. Available for you at an MSRP of $99.99 in Chalk White and Black.

For those wanting an especially cute & compact and portable speaker, check out the Sudio S2, Speaker On-the-Go, set to be launched by Sudio in May. This mini portable speaker also comes with a Broadcast function, allowing you to connect 2 S2’s together. Just as water resistant as the F2, but with 4-5 hours of playtime, this is the perfect speaker for those day trips that are close to home. Coming in at an MSRP of just $49.99 in Black, White, and Blue.

When I see this line-up, I think of all the different circumstances in which I need varying levels of loudness, immersion, resonance… Most audio brands have in-ear and speaker options, but Sudio covers that middle ground of style and sound harmony where we want to have our world and hear it too. What do you want your world to sound like this Spring? It’s time to start listening.