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PopPuck – A magnetic skate park for your thumbs

Have you ever seen someone flip a coin across their knuckles? Or perhaps twirl a pencil around their thumb? What about sleepwalk a yoyo, or juggle an assortment of awkwardly shapes projectiles? Like the perfect cup of coffee, but without the cardboard and financial erosion, little dextrous challenges like these function as both a break from the grind, and a source of energy for the grinding.

Cesium would like to show you your newest source of handheld energy that is setting the bar as “the future of thumb sports” all over the US and across TikTok. Meet the PopPuck, by PopSockets, the same beloved brand that brought you the widely recognized PopGrip. Fitting comfortably into the natural contours of your hand, this little magnetic fidget toy presents as a simple keychain accessory…until you get it in your hand. Equipped with two separable, circular magnets, each slightly concave on one side and slightly smaller than a quarter, the PopPuck “is like a magnetic skate park for your thumbs”. Helmets not required.

What makes this little gadget extra special is the sheer universality of it. Birthday gifts, stocking stuffers, or hockey game charity drives and giveaways – the simplicity, novelty, and sleek aesthetics of the PopPuck make it a winner across every demographic beyond the age limit. Gift it to your 7-year-old nephew, your aging grandfather, or the gamers in your life. Need to steady your nerves before an important meeting or presentation? Puck around professionally, within the discretion of your hand, as you attempt the hallmark back flip or day trip. Try the Backside Launch, Bowl Wipe, or Swizzlestack… yes, just like it sounds. Simply search the term PopPuck tricks online and see how far people have taken it.

But once in your hand, there is no rule book – there is no known limit to what the puck can do. Play with the magnets and let their force guide you into hundreds of tricks (or more!); but first, let us at Cesium guide you – click the link below to check out the PopPuck Starter Packnow available in 4 colours (Black Flip, Blue Jar, Day Trip & Dye Daze), for an MSRP of $26.99 each. Already have one? Collect the rest of the 30 different pucks with the PopPuck Booster Pack at an MSRP of just $7.99.


And now is the perfect time to see for yourself! From May 1 – 14, 2023, visit Cesium and use promo code POPPUCK23 at checkout to receive $1.40 CAD off any PopPuck Starter Pack; or, $0.40 CAD off the PopPuck Booster Pack. Just keep in mind that any returns will not be accepted.  

Coin rolling, yoyo-ing, hacky sacking, juggling, PopPucking – it’s hilarious how much of our lives involve seemingly inconsequential games! But little games – skills – like these, if we let them, function not only as outlets for our nerves and restless energy but also as a metaphor for every other little challenge that makes up all the bigger challenges we face. Visit Cesium’s website or reach out to your account manager today to see what the puck is going on.