Phillip McKeen on

Happy Plugs Joy Collection: The Sounds of Colour

I remember when my grandfather first told me that thunder was lightning, and lightning, was thunder. Thunder was just the sound of lightning.

I then asked him why lightning only came in one colour – why couldn’t it be like a rainbow?

Why indeed.

“And Grandpa, what does a rainbow even sound like? Do flowers have a sound?” Well Grandpa was no physicist, and I don’t think he intended to tumble down this electromagnetic, vibratory rabbit hole. He just looked at me and said, “Colour always communicates something unique to the eye that rests upon it… it just may not be in tones one’s ears can hear”.

25 years later, I am still listening for the rainbow. The closest I’ve gotten is fireworks.

But in the avante garde of auditory technology, colour should have a sound. Sound should have colour.  

The founder of Happy Plugs had a similar feeling when he found himself painting his girlfriend’s headphones pink. Eleven years and 10 million headphones later and the colour cavalcade continues. The new Joy headphones from Happy Plugs allow you to strike your lightning in your choice of 10 different colours and shades, from turquoise and purple to neon yellow and cerise.

If you’re like me and usually like to keep your fashion quiet, we at Cesium Telecom have you covered with headphones in shades of white or black; for the louder listener, Cesium also has your rhythm with turquoise and cerise, perfect for any level of brightness. You want a garden, not just a flower? Reach out to your Cesium account manager and they can get you set up with any of the other 6 colours that you need to roll out your sound.

But when you’re playing with lightning, you don’t just want thunder that makes you treble – you need that bass. Experience crystal clear sound and ensconcing bass without the construction site ear protectors – put 12 hours of playtime and sweatproof protection directly and discreetly into your ears in your colour of choice, while you work, exercise – while you live…

Freely. Cut the tether and retreat into your own imaginative worlds fearlessly with a true wireless experience. Catch calls and issue voice commands to Google or Siri with 2 microphones or get dextrous with 14 different touch commands. With an operating range of up to 10m (30 feet), 4.8 hours of play and talk time, and 12 hours in total on a single charge, you should never have to worry about losing your connection or your battery power.

And with 100% recyclable packaging and a price of $69 CAD, you can make your impression without leaving a dent in your surroundings, or your wallet.

So, what does Joy sound like to you? Like any emotion, joy is a relative, ethereal feeling, hard to describe and unique to you and your experiences. We at Cesium will help you find your sound. You just focus on finding your Joy.