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Find your GO this summer with JLab True Wireless Earbuds

Sound always tells a story, but unlike almost every generation before us, where the story was only ever live and immediate, the modern person’s sound story is no longer restricted to his or her own environment. It’s now global and expanding daily.

At the same time, the world around us has gotten noisier. The modern urban landscape is filled with irrelevant and obnoxious noises that we rightly wish to ignore. Along with the summer sounds of rustling forest leaves and undulating coastal waves, we have rumbling construction work and growling city traffic to look forward to.

If noise cancellation was the only goal, however, we would simply buy the latest style in industrial ear plugs. But it’s not – we also want to enrich our minds with the music and stories of the wider world as we work, walk and play. So, we need high quality earplugs that speak.

For the active, “off-road” listener, features such as battery life, moisture-proofing, and secure and comfortable positioning are also of critical importance. Ultimately, we need earbuds that can move with us, and stay with us while we reach for our goals this summer, be they in fitness or travel.

Enter The GO Air Sport True Wireless Earbuds (Graphite) (MSRP $49.99). With 8+ hours of playtime in each ear bud, and 24+ hours of additional time from the charging case, even the Ultra-marathoner will be covered. But with prolonged wear-time, the last thing you want to worry about is sweat, dirt, and discomfort silencing your vibe. The Go Air Sport has built in IP55 waterproofing, along with ergonomic ear hooks that comfortably keep your sound secure as you reach for your newest heights. And for the multi-tasking listener, each ear bud can be used independently, as well as dually, with a built-in MEMS mic in each bud to ensure you never miss a call.

For the urban traveler and exerciser needing that extra bit of noise reduction this summer, the Epic Air Sport ANC (Black, MSRP $129.99) and JBuds Air Sport True Wireless (Black, MSRP $99.99) are excellent alternatives. With a similar look to the GO Air Sport, the EPIC also has Smart Active Noise Cancellation for that deeper, immersive experience. Flying economy-class to New Zealand? No problem. Road tripping across Canada with your in-laws? No sweat; DJ your journey from door to door with 15+ hours of Bluetooth playtime in each bud, and 55+ hours in the charging case. Even when an interruption cannot be avoided, Wear Detect Sensor in each earbud automatically pauses your sound when you remove the bud from your ear.

Still like a cable when you climb? The Fit Sport Wireless Earbuds (Black, MSRP $39.99) is as affordable as it is Bluetooth enabled, but has a wire that keeps your two ear buds together as you move. Perfect for those requiring that extra bit of security.

And for the leanest of free-solo climbers, the Go Air Pop True Wireless (MSRP $29.99) will float that perfect sound for you, cable-free, with a feather-light case that’s smaller than a credit card. Still great for your active moments, the Go Air Pop buds fit securely into your ears, but with no hooks or wires for support. Enjoy 32+ hours of sound and touch-control functionality, as you work, walk, or just wander these warmer months. Look good while you listen better – with 5 colours to choose from, there is something for every type of style this summer.

If silence is golden, then what is music? What does it mean to have the sounds of the world at your fingertips, and in your head? People of ancient times would consider this nothing short of magic. So, get magical with your next workout, your next trip, your next coffee, this summer, with state-of-the-art earbuds that go the distance with you. Don’t sell your sound short – write your story this summer with Cesium.