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Sound Off: Sudio’s Latest Earbuds & Headphones

Have you ever felt the urge to escape reality, even just for a little while?

If you say no, I just don’t believe you. You might choose to dive into a great book, a compelling movie, an immersive concert or show, or even an action-packed video game. You might even crank up your favourite tunes. With Sudio’s new wireless products, escape is inevitable and satisfaction is guaranteed. Let’s explore the latest options in the Cesium catalog!

K2 Over-Ear Noise Cancelling Bluetooth Headphones

For the listener who likes to completely immerse themselves in their own little cocoon of sound, the K2 over-ear Hybrid Active Noise Cancellation Headphones will be your accessory of choice. Available at an MSRP of only $99.99, these headphones more than deliver with their myriad features to make you feel like you’re listening to your own private little concert or, as Sudio calls it, “your personal sound sanctuary”.

Other than active noise cancellation (ANC), these wireless headphones have mastered the art of both sound isolation and echo reduction. Whether you are a music fan, an avid gamer, or an athlete, these headphones are compatible with USB-C charging for up to 60 hours of uninterrupted playtime. Regular phone calls are also a breeze thanks to 5 built-in dual microphones and a touch panel with in-line volume control.

The K2 Headphones are made from soft synthetic leather in two colours (Black & White), yet are water and sweat-resistant so you won’t have to compromise functionality for comfort or style.

B2 Bone Conduction Headphones

For those looking for a more lightweight pair of headphones that is also lighter on your wallet, the Sudio B2 Flex Fit Bone Conduction Headphones are available in Black and White at an MSRP of $69.99. Bone conduction technology is the latest craze sweeping the audio industry, where sound waves travel through your temples, rather than via your ear canal. If you have an active or busy lifestyle and still prefer to be aware of surrounding sounds while using your headphones, Sudio B2s are for you.

Athletes and multitaskers rejoice; these durable headphones have Water Resistance of IPX5, up to 9 hours of playtime, and are USB-C Charging compatible for multipurpose, everyday use.

A1 Pro ANC Wireless Earbuds 

Who knew active noise cancellation could look this cute and cozy? The Sudio A1 Pro Earbuds are your solution if you are not a fan of over-ear headphones but still want the advantages of enhanced ANC and more versatile colourways to match your style.

Available in 5 colours (Black, White, Purple, Sand, and Pink) at an MSRP of $69.99, these simple but powerful earbuds are smooth to the touch and make tuning out external sounds look effortless. They boast 4 microphones, Water Resistance of IPX4, and up to 5 hours of playtime, not to mention USB-C Charging compatibility.

Whether you’re looking for a great escape into a music world of your own or only have one foot out the door, Sudio’s new products have your back…or rather, your ears. Contact your account manager for more details!