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Kick-N-Grip: The Ultimate Phone Stand and Grip

Our phones are constantly on the move with us. From mundane activities to action-packed ones, our phones want to be part of the ride, however bumpy it gets. Though they get to see so much of the world through our mobility, sometimes we just need our phones to be with us – cord and hands-free. We need the best of both worlds; a phone that can hang on while we move and take a stand while we sit.

The Kick-N-Grip by Blu Element abets this desire of modern mobility with simplicity and style. Ultra-slim with a stand that’s thinner than your phone’s camera bump, this design not only maintains your phone’s portability and visual appeal, but it also ensures it adds no bulk to your phone, or your pockets.

What truly sets the Kick-N-Grip apart though is its universal appeal. Not only will anyone with a phone find it helpful, but with a MSRP of $29.99, anyone with a phone will find it affordable. And thanks to its adhesive attachment, this Kick-N-Grip sticks firmly to any phone—whether it’s an iPhone, Samsung, or any other brand on the market. Moreover, the Kick-N-Grip is MagSafe compatible, meaning you can attach any MagSafe accessory effortlessly to your Android device, bridging the gap between Apple’s exclusive technology and that of other devices.

If the above hasn’t been powerful enough, consider Kick-N-Grip’s innovative charge-through technology, which allows you to wirelessly power your phone with a MagSafe charger without needing to detach the stand. Just set your phone down, and it starts charging—simple and efficient.

Whether you’re taking a video or watching one, making a call or wall-flowering a meeting, the pop-out kickstand feature allows for easy horizontal viewing. Simply position your phone at the perfect angle for hands-free viewing without any extra gear.

But why stop at the tabletop? The Kick-N-Grip can stick to any steel surface thanks to its built-in magnets. You can mount your phone securely on various metal surfaces—from refrigerators in the kitchen to gym racks, or even your neighbour’s sports car. This feature is especially useful for those who love to follow recipes, workout videos, or need GPS navigation hands-free.

But sometimes you want to really get a handle on what you’re doing. The 360-degree grip rotation for effortless one-handed use makes it perfect for busy multitaskers. Rotate your phone in any direction with ease, ensuring you always have the best grip and viewing angle.

All hype aside though; I personally use the Kick-N-Grip on my phone and have a hard time understanding how I ever went so long without it. Remember, the phone was invented to simply be a phone – a practical, rectangular communications device that didn’t – and couldn’t – stand for anything, or anyone, and didn’t yet have a handle on its full potential. Phones now are so much more than this and the Kick-N-Grip provides that simple solution to greatly enhance all the little experiences that you have with the phone of today.

The Kick-N-Grip is for anyone with a smartphone, whether they’re moving, relaxing, or doing something in between. Every swipe, call, or third hours-long meeting of the day becomes a little more enjoyable and less encumbering with this simple and affordable accessory. Embrace the future of today’s phone with Kick-N-Grip—the gadget that grips, stands, and charges. Visit Cesium Telecom today to see for yourself.