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avana creations – Fresh. Clean. Bold.

Good design strikes the balance between the art of style, and the science of function. Motorcycle helmets can be protective, and shiny; Ferraris have seatbelts; yachts, guard rails…The way in which this compromise between protection and flair is struck depends greatly on the fragility of what we are protecting and the value that we place upon it.

Consider your iPhone. A phone, unlike your high school trophies or framed pictures of family, is often out in the open, in public view. It comes with you, to your meetings, your dates, your visits to distant relatives; basically, all the important places you go. And until Apple owns and covers all the sidewalks and asphalt roadways with digital velvet, you’ll need to strike your own design compromise with some kind of protective case for your most important device.

But what if I told you that the best design eliminates the feeling of compromise?

self-healing technology

Meet avana creations, whose phone cases are now available through Cesium. An absolute win for both style and protection, you’ll wish avana could handle all your negotiations. Their state-of-the-art material technology brings you a “self-healing” phone case catered especially to the intrepid, concrete-locomoting, phone traveller. Scratches on the case will actually disappear, and with certified drop protection, screen and camera bay protection, and a lifetime warranty, you can finally consider replacing your carpets with that Egyptian granite flooring you’ve always wanted.

But this next-level protection comes not at the expense of environmental consideration – all their cases are eco-friendly, made with 100% recyclable materials. This includes the packaging, which is plastic and chemical-free.

And what’s more, you get to pick your case’s personality. All are compatible with MagSafe and come in colours that demand attraction. Meant for those of you who live on the edge of new tech; all current cases are compatible with iPhone 15 and iPhone 15 Pro / iPhone 15 Pro Max (certain designs are available for iPhone 15 Plus, too). Just check out the lineup now available through Cesium – all phones described below come with the same ironclad protection touched on above:

Cesium Assortment

Prefer shades to bright colours? Try the cool and subtle views of the Clear or Ash ice MagSafe Case, and fit your phone for just $54.99.  

Maybe you’re a morning person, who likes watching the sun come up? Check out the iridescent glow of the sunrise MagSafe Case for just $59.99. Also available in Ash, you can move with the ombre gradience that the sunrise case brings to all those who gaze upon it.

Or, put your mobility in the stars where it belongs with the cosmic MagSafe Case, also available for $59.99. You will love how this case plays in the surrounding light – colour your phone in a violet iridescence and shimmer like a sunset, just before it dreams of a night sky. 

For those who really like to shine, glimmer like gold with the aura MagSafe Case, also for $59.99. If you “love MagSafe but hate the ring”, Avana has added beautiful metallic foil designs to the case that shine and conceal the magnet ring. No compromises necessary.

And just like the future Apple sidewalks and roadways, Avana brings you the velvet MagSafe Case for just $59.99. Ensconce your palms in the case’s soft microfiber velvet exterior in 4 colours of your choosing – Black, Lavender, Sky, and Sage.  

Oftentimes the best compromise is no compromise at all. If you live on the cutting edge of new tech, and the avante-garde of fresh fashion, then you need protection and style as innovative as the device you’re safeguarding. Log into your Cesium account today and strike the balance between style and protection by getting the absolute best of both.